Infantry Gear


For our unit you would need Infantry gear. you can buy gear from our sutlers page at events and from others in units. Units wil help you dress out as you work on getting your gear.

Rifle and Bayonet – $700-$1000 – This is the most expensive item you’ll buy. Its best to get this as soon as possible so others can use a borrowed one.

Trousers – $100 – Sky Blue Wool Trousers can be used for both Union and Confederate when starting out.

Braces – $20 – Braces “suspenders” for Trousers.

Shirt – $30 – Period shirt.

Jacket – $100-$150 – Union Blue Wool, and depending on your impression Confederate can be different from unit to unit.

Belt – $15-$30 – Black leather belt made for US belt buckle and Confederate or 2 Belts

Buckle – $20-$30 – US buckle and depending on Confederate unit.

Cap Pouch – $15-$25 – Cap pouch hold your caps.

Cartridge Box with Sling- $40-$70 –  .69 Cal US or .58 Cal CSA get sling and tins with it. Some events require tins.

Brogans – $70-$150 – Brogans “Shoes” black.

Scabbard  – $50-$70 – Used to slide bayonet into.

Haversack – $15-$30 –  Black rubberized US white Canvas CSA.