Skirmish at Fort Harker

Fort Harker

All Reenactors Must sign in at the gate.


Constructed in the summer of 1862 by the Union Army, Fort Harker is 15 acres of Historical preserved land. Listed on the National Register of Historical Place May 2, 1977.

Ft Harker is an earthen redoubt, 150 square feet, with 14 ft high walls, surrounded by a dry moat. It contained 7 cannon placements, a bomb proof powder magazine, a draw bridge entrance and a 8sided blockhouse in the middle.

Held by both Union and Confederate Forces. No battle was fought at the fort but small skirmishes and sniper fire.

The City of Stevenson invites you to relive history with the Skirmish of Fort Harker. See camp life of soldiers and civilians during the American Civil War. Enjoy the Saturday Parade from the Train Depot to the Fort. Other Demonstrations. Ladies Tea. Battle starts both days at 2pm at the Fort. Period Ball Saturday night , everyone is welcome.

Fort Harker March 4, 1864



Gates open at 9AM

Reenactors Yard Sale 10:30

Ladies Tea at 12PM

Battle at 2PM

Camp Closed at 4pm

Ball at 6:30PM


Gates Open at 9AM

Ladies Tea at 11AM

Battle at 2PM

Camp Closed at 4PM


Skirmish at Fort Harker is Presented by The City of Stevenson and Hosted by Alabama Division of Reenactors and the 18th Alabama/63 Ohio Infantry

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