Fort Harker Photos

Photos from Fort Harker Living History Sept 21, 2019 in Stevenson, Al.

Coming again next year October 2020 Hosted by the 18th Alabama Infantry and the City of Stevenson, Al.


April 6, 1862 Battle of Shiloh

The Eighteenth fought the first day at Shiloh, and lost 125 killed and wounded out of 420 men engaged. At the battle of Shiloh it engaged in the severe fighting which resulted in the capture of US General Benjamin Prentis’ division, which it had largely aided to capture, and was ordered by General Wheeler to carry the prisoners to Corinth. It did not take part the second day. After the battle, the regiment being without field officers, was for a short time under officers detailed for the purpose.

Fort Harker

Attention Marshall Boys!

Fort Stevenson, Alabama is under attack by the 63rd Ohio Infantry Regiment. In a letter dated May 23rd of this instance, the mayor of Stevenson has requested the home guard of Marshall County to help repel the Yankee invasion. Scouts have determined that a Union fortress is being built near the Train Depot.

The 18th Alabama Infantry has been called into service under the command of Captain Randall Brown. There has been word that some of his unit may defect. Also an unknown unit out of Huntsville has been requested.

We expect to depart from Guntersville on Friday, June 7 around 3:30 pm to arrive around 5:00 pm and set up camp near the redoubt being built close to the Tennessee River. On Saturday, June 8, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm we are to rally the support of the town folks in support of the Confederacy and their cause.

Provisions have been made for the company to camp at Fort Harker on Friday with living history activities and a potential skirmish on Saturday between the hours of 9 am and 2 pm. This will be the wrap up for a weeklong festival for Stevenson Depot Days. This is the first year for reenactors to be invited to participate. Fort Harker was held by both Union and Confederate Armies. They welcome tents and tables with demonstrations and material that can be used to educate the public. The two local newspapers are wide open for photos, advertising and informational articles regarding both the War for Southern Independence and what we do to continue to honor that time in our history. I would like to see some of our ladies and gentlemen come out to support this event if possible. If there are enough people, there might be a need for sharpshooters, skirmishers and defenders of the town.

Friday night street festival, music, dancing, etc. Just low key family fun all the way around.


Your Obedient Servant,

Reginald L. Hughes, Commander
Capt John Rayburn Camp 452
Sons of Confederate Veterans

Fiddler Green May 4th & 5th

Come out to Jacksonville, Alabama and step back into the 1860’s. Tour the 1850’s home, shop the general store, check out the original family cabin still on the property, and stop in and say a prayer for all of our soldiers who have and serve our country in the replicated 1850’s style church. When all that is done see the camp life of our Union and Confederate soldiers and civilians and watch the Battle at 2pm on Saturday and Sunday, with the burning of a small house by Union troops on Sunday

Gates open at 9am both days

3105 Roy Webb Road, JacksonvilleAlabama 36265